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Outsource Your Documentation

Do you need to outsource your technical writing projects? You have come to the right place.

I have over 10 years experience writing technical documentation for a variety of applications, usually for a highly technical audience for example engineers or maintenance staff.

What my clients like best about hiring me is that they can leave me to work out the content and the project management, knowing they will get an excellent set of documentation that suits the needs of their clients. If your staff are too busy to explain every last detail to the technical writer, they will really appreciate working with me.  I can often generate most of the content by using the product itself, where practical, and by reviewing specifications, mechanical drawings and other available technical materials.

Good documentation answers the common questions users have, and some less common questions as well. The goal of good documentation is to give readers familiarity with your product, i.e. a level of comfort and familiarity with the equipment so they can start using it properly. The more complex and technical the product, the more this is true. The more sophisticated the audience, the more they will expect, and the more detail required in the manual. Details in this type of documentation must not only be precise, but accurate too.

I work remotely with most of my clients, even when we are in the same city for maximum efficiency.

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