Attention To Detail

When it comes to writing technical documentation, several skills and talents are required to produce successful results:

  • A deep understanding of the product.
  • A solid grasp of how the product is used and applied by the clients.
  • An understanding of why your clients use the product.
  • The ability to write logically and clearly.
  • The ability to organize and structure in a sensible way.
  • Attention to detail.

Attention to detail means noticing everything that might be important to at least some clients some of the time, capturing that information, then presenting it in a clear, complete, concise, accurate and precise way.

Accuracy means that the material is correct.

Precision means that everything is explained in detail, with no room for misinterpretation, missing out on a step, etc.

Engineering design, software development and technical writing have many things in common – I’ve done all three. Everything on the list above applies to each of these endeavors.

Attention to detail is the foundation to producing a great manual.